AMS Insurance

AMS Insurance

The AMS Insurance Division is a leader in the creation and management of alternative risk structures, particularly in Nevis. As an independent captive manager, AMS only works on behalf of its clients. The AMS Insurance Division provides impartial analysis and recommendations specifically designed to suit your needs and, with local representation across three continents, AMS has the ability to offer the global expertise that your organization requires.

AMS’s innovative solutions deliver the benefits of today’s alternative risk management environment, enabling your organization to maintain flexible and affordable insurance coverage, improve its cash flow and control its expenses.

Our services

Creating a captive has become an integral part of the long term risk financing strategies of many organizations. Spanning from the preparation of a business plan, through to the license application, company incorporation and the ongoing daily management of the captive, AMS will manage this process to suit each clients’ needs.

As an independent captive manager AMS has the freedom to focus on the needs of your organization always keeping your best interests at heart and ultimately delivering the optimum solution for you and your business.

Captive Formation

The captive formation process can be arduous and will be subject, amongst other factors, to the requirements posed by the parent company, the type of captive and the intended coverage. It is therefore essential that you hire the services of a knowledgeable captive manager able to accompany you through these proceedings.

The AMS professional team offers a rare acumen, i.e.; a good knowledge of the legislation of various captive jurisdictions along with a detailed understanding of the intricacies associated with the insurance and reinsurance laws across different parts of the world. This combination of talents will ensure that in each case, AMS will guide you through the formation of the captive structure that is best suited for you.

Conscious of the fact that different clients have different requirements, AMS offers a full range of services tailored to different client’s needs, including:

  • Ownership structure
  • Company incorporation
  • Creating financial projections
  • Capital requirement calculations
  • Risk management
  • Compliance procedures

Captive Review

Situations may arise when organizations fail to maximize the full potential of their captives. These scenarios can emerge from varied circumstances, e.g.; fluctuations in the insurance market, shifts in the parent company’s corporate targets, to name a few. At times like these, it is important for clients to rely upon the support of a proactive captive manager prepared to go the extra mile to protect their interest.

AMS understands that captive formations are highly adaptable and, therefore, monitors its captive structures’ offering on regular basis to assess its viability in the light of the changing market conditions. This modus operandi will ensure that a maximum return is delivered to your organization at any point in time.

AMS takes pride in its close rapport with clients and their advisers, always ensuring that the clients’ captive formations remain firmly aligned with their business objectives and long-term goals.

Re-domiciliation or Liquidation

Whilst assessing the corporate needs of a parent company; captive owners may conclude that either the re-domiciliation or liquidation of the captive formation in question is required.

There are various factors that can trigger the re-domiciliation or liquidation of a captive entity, such as changes to the new insurance regulations, political pressure, revisions in tax laws, new corporate ownership and many others. AMS can assist you at every step to secure a smooth process either through the re-domiciliation or winding up of your captive’s operation.