Joint Venture between Dragon Victory and Antalpha


AMS Law Hong Kong, led by Resident Partner Barry Mitchell with the support of  Associate Wenyan Xu, acted as BVI Counsel for Dragon Victory International Limited (NASDAQ: LYL, Dragon Victory) in relation to a joint venture named Metalpha Limited (Metalpha). The joint venture is set up between Dragon Victory’s wholly owned subsidiary Meta Rich Limited and Antalpha Technologies Limited (Antalpha). Antalpha’s parent company is the operator of one of the world’s largest bitcoin mining pools. Both parties aim to build an international joint research and development team to leverage their talent and technology to create a proprietary derivatives product platform. Metalpha has been established to meet the needs of cryptocurrency investors who seek more sophisticated and risk-managed products as cryptocurrency industry has evolved rapidly.

AMS Law Hong Kong associated corporate services arm, Bolder Corporate Services (BVI) Limited, provides registered agent services to Metalpha.

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