Basic information:

Singapore has a capitalized mixed economy, strong international trade links and possesses one of the most open economies for international trade and investment in the world. It offers foreign investors a pro-business environment, excellent infrastructure, a highly skilled and international labor force and a robust judicial system.
Entrepreneurs, private clients and institutional investors increasingly favor Singapore as the preferred jurisdiction for setting up in business:

1. Simple registration process
2. Low tax environment
3. Global wealth management center
4. Robust judicial system
5. Intellectual property rights protection

The jurisdictions’ reputation for transparency, a stable and competent ruling government and high standards of regulation and corporate governance ensure a trusted partner when forming a Singapore company.

Overview of services:

The Singapore office provides a range of corporate secretarial, accounting and fiduciary services to both Singapore and offshore companies, and also provides fund administration services to a range of alternative investment vehicles. The Singapore team have established close working relationships with professional advisors of entrepreneurs and high net worth families to set up and administer structures to provide asset protection and the transfer of wealth between generations.
The office has a global reach which provides clients who need a multi-jurisdictional solution can be serviced seamlessly and the expertise within the office and the group ensures that complex situations can be handled professionally and efficiently.
Our client base encompasses the whole spectrum, from single owner companies to family offices, from small corporate groups to large listed public companies.
Corporate and fiduciary services:
• Company formation
• Registered agent / office
• Company secretary
• Director services
• Payroll
• Employment pass and residency application
• Accounting and tax

Banking, investment and wealth management services:
• Opening corporate bank accounts for Singapore and offshore vehicles
• Opening private bank accounts for individuals and family trusts
• Establishing family fund and personal investment structures
• Obtaining fund manager license with MAS

How we can help:

Recent cases and experience:
• Setting up Asian headquarters for companies in the rice, fund administration, property, IT and retail industries
• Establishing REIT and SPV’s for IPO and providing fund administration services after listing;
• Setting up and managing offices for overseas clients, including payroll & accounting
• Family office structures for HNW families in SE ASIA

More info:

• Tax exemption for family office structures extended for a further 5 years
• SVCC legislation to be finalized to change the landscape for collective investment vehicles
• Dyson moves global HQ to Singapore
• Pharma giant GSK opens $130m manufacturing facility in Singapore
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